Upcoming Show

After 18 months of spreading the mHealth message over the airwaves and across the country, mHealth Zone Live is going on hiatus.

We launched mHealth Zone Live as a means to share insight and create discourse among mHealth stakeholders—patients, providers, developers, government, pharma, and insurers─in the hopes of synergistically leveraging mobile health technology to reduce costs and improve care. Along the way, we've met determined innovators, inspiring disrupters, and wonderful friends & colleagues.

We sincerely thank everyone who came on the show to share your passion and ideas. Most of all, we thank the thousands of listeners who tune in every week.

But while co-host Corey Ackerman will be retiring his radio mic, mHealth Zone Live founder, host, and mHealth evangelist Ben Chodor will return to the airwaves soon with a new format. Stay tuned for more information from Ben. As always, archived shows are available on www.mhealthzone.com.

Recent Shows


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Hear hosts Ben and Corey in a conversation about how mobile health solutions are helping both the patient and provider, while strengthening their relationship. Featuring special guest: Spencer Hutchins, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Reflexion Health.


How Gamifying Health Can Be a Game Changer

Hear hosts Ben and Corey in a conversation about how gamification can be a game changer in improving health from the perspective of different developers within the industry: Michael Fergusson, CEO and Founder of Ayogo, Bryce Williams, Vice President of Wellness at Blue Shield of California, and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich, Dr. Jason […]


Why Aligning Creativity with Expertise is So Effective

Hear Ben and Corey in a conversation about the effectiveness of aligning creativity and clinical expertise in healthcare featuring special guests: Paulo Machado, CEO and Founder of Health Innovation Partners, and Juhan Sonin, Creative Director at Involution Studios and lecturer at MIT on design and rapid prototyping.