mHealth Investments, Crowd Funding, and Marketing, Oh My!

Join hosts Ben and Corey as they chat with Steven Greene, Chairman of the Conversation, Sperlingreene PR and Communications, about how mHealth companies can position themselves to attract investors, the impact of crowd funding, and the role of marketing, PR, and live events in mHealth. We will also have a panel discussion on crowd funding with Mike Norman, Co-founder of Wefunder, Alex Fair, Founder and CEO of MedStartr, and Manoush Zomorodi, reporter.

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  1. Ahmad says:

    Crowdfunding, inspired by cwcrdsouroing, describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Crowdfunding occurs for any variety of purposes, from disaster relief to citizen journalism to artists seeking support from fans, to political campaigns.OverviewCrowd funding can replace the need for specialized grant applications or other more formal and traditional fund raising techniques with that of a more casual, yet powerful, approach based on crowd participation. Examples of the basis of Crowd funding can be seen in Cooperatives (co-ops) around the world. However, the Internet can provide new streamlined approaches to quickly imitating the co-op model for low-level and/or sudden needs (i.e. disaster relief, travel expenses, legal fees and so on.). It is this reason that a term be used to encompass the act of informally generating and distributing funds, usually online, by groups of people for specific social, personal, entertainment or other purposes.Crowd funding, like Crowd sourcing, is very much related to online communities and social networks. The crowd can already exist as a community but they can also suddenly form from disparate groups around the world who all happen to share an interest in funding a person, project, event, campaign etcetera. The Internet allows for information to flow around the world, increasing awareness. A Crowd funded network can assemble and disassemble at any time. This is the primary difference to traditional co-ops.Influence of the crowd is another factor. Crowd psychology sometimes can play a part in the success or failure of crowd funding efforts. Likewise, forms of Reciprocity (cultural anthropology) is related to the mindset of people who participate in crowd funding efforts.ஜ ♥ Inez/Inescia ♥ ஜ