2net™: Capturing Data and Connecting Platforms

Join hosts Ben and Corey in a conversation with Kabir Kasargod about 2net™ and why data acquisition and platform integration are critical to healthcare. Kabir Kasargod is part of the 2net™ Business Development team at Qualcomm Life. In his role there, Kabir is leading software partnership initiatives and strategy related to mobile apps & services.

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2 Responses to “2net™: Capturing Data and Connecting Platforms”
  1. Nandagiri says:

    Would it be HIPAA compliant to use FaceTime to peofrrm video consultations between providers caring for acute trauma patients? Check our TEDx talk or Google iPod Teletrauma for an overview of our experience. Our project has been slowed down because of our hospital not allowing using FaceTime because it is not encrypted enough! Despite what you can find in the Internet and the Apple site. If a phone conversation doesn’t have to be encrypted,why should a phone video conversation be treated differently?Appreciate any links or input.

    • mHealthZone Team says:

      Nandagiri, thanks for your comment. As far as we know, the extent to which Facetime is HIPPA compliant depends on the extent to which the wi-fi networks of both parties are encrypted. As long as both wireless networks utilize WPA2 Enterprise security with 128-bit AES encryption, then your connection should be secure. We will be having Mocana Corporation on our show on August 16, to discuss app security. Feel free to tweet any questions during the show #mHealthZone- Mocana will be a knowledgeable source on all things security. Also, your Ipod Teletrauma initiative is truly fascinating. Let’s keep these new technologies in health moving forward for a less costly, more accessible, and higher quality system!